Monthly Poultry and Egg Share

Monthly Poultry and Egg Share


For the 2019 season, we’re expanding our offerings to new birds and new eggs! Become a Feisty Acres CSA member and receive fresh meat and eggs once a month at a pick up location of your choosing.

Our season begins the month of June and runs through Thanksgiving. In years past, our egg offerings only included quail eggs, but this year fresh duck eggs and even chicken eggs, from our heritage breed chickens, will be available. Some of our value added products such as our popular Silkie Chicken Stock and our Pickled Quail Eggs will make appearances as well.

Our November meat share famously includes a fresh or frozen heritage turkey (up to 10lbs) for Thanksgiving. If a larger turkey is requested, you may choose to pay the difference.

All CSA members get 10% off any purchase of meat and eggs outside of their share.

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