About Feisty Acres

Nestled in the middle of farm country on the North Fork of Long Island, Feisty Acres raises a carefully curated selection of game birds for meat, eggs, and release. We are certified organic by NOFA-NY and all birds are raised on pasture. Being certified organic means that farmland is free of all prohibited chemical inputs such as synthetic pesticides and herbicides. No antibiotics are administered to any of our livestock, at any time, and there are absolutely no GMOs present in their feed or pastures. Our pasturing practices leave the land better than how we found it and all of our birds enjoy sunshine, fresh air, bugs, as well as plentiful grass and vegetation. 

 Throughout the season, we raise Coturnix (Japanese Quail), Chukar Partridge, and Guinea Fowl.

We also raise Northern Bobwhite Quail for release purposes, to help re-establish the native population on the North Fork.

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