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Abra Morawiec
Co-Owner & Operator

Chris Pinto
Co-Owner & Farm Manager


Uncompromising Quality - Organically

Before founding Feisty Acres, Abra & Chris acquired their farming chops working for a variety of different agricultural operations both domestic and abroad. Abra was first introduced to agriculture on a large scale while serving as a volunteer for the United States Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa. Chris spent time at Fort Hill Farm in Connecticut and worked on dairies in Alabama. It wasn't until 2012, however, that Abra & Chris crossed paths as apprentices at a commercial organic vegetable farm on the North Fork of Long Island. While they worked together moving irrigation pipe, running tractor mounted transplanters, and harvesting vegetables for market, they shared their farm and business ideals and realized there was a lot in common between them. As they continued to work and manage other people's farms, they couldn't shake the idea of one day striking out on their own.

Since 2015, Farmers Abra & Chris grow and care for pasture raised game birds that are certified organic by NOFA-NY. It first began with quail, but has now expanded to include other species such as: French Guinea Fowl, Chukar Partridge, Silkie Chicken, and various heritage breed turkeys. All birds live their lives on the North Fork of Long Island, are processed and packaged locally in Mattituck, and marketed directly by the farmers. The farm prides itself in offering the highest quality, best tasting game birds and eggs that you can get, well, anywhere. From chick to your plate, they're there every step of the way. 

In the spring of 2016, Feisty Acres began their Bobwhite Quail Release Program with the intention of helping to re-invigorate the native population of Northern Bobwhite Quail. The farm holds release events multiple times through the year and reaches out to local community members and organizations that are interested in working with the program. Along with raising and releasing these native birds, Abra & Chris also emphasize the importance of managing land that promotes natural habitat for Bobwhites and bringing to light the issues facing these birds such as urban over-development and loss of genetic diversity.

What is Organic?

When you buy food that is certified organic, you know that it was grown or raised without the use of petro fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Farms that are organic are inspected annually to ensure that agricultural practices are in accordance with the National Organic Program regulations set forth by the USDA. Our birds are pasture raised year round, allowing them to forage for bugs, weed seeds, grasses, and clovers. When you allow birds to live out their natural instincts, unmatched flavor and nutrition follow.

Eating is a conversation with nature, and nature has a strong voice in what is said. - Amy Halloran